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Put passion in your work.

My family, my career and my friends are all important parts of my life.  But there is no one thing more important than my personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  


In every man there is a God shaped void.  I tried for 27 years to fill that void with everything that I wanted: sports, money, relationships, recreation.  In 1994 with a precious wife and a new baby girl in the crib, I began to wonder if “everything I wanted” was going to make me a successful husband, father, friend, and designer.  My wife and I had joined an independent Baptist church  and the Lord began showing me that my road to success was not found in fulfilling my own temporal desires.  


I grew up believing that a prayer at the age of 10 had secured me a place in Heaven.  However, on April 2, 1995, I realized something.  I was a sinner! My sin offended a holy and righteous God!  There was nothing I could do about it either!  My baptism, my good works, prayers, and church membership had all been done in my strength and would not gain me Heaven’s streets of gold.  But that day I found Someone who was pure and holy and without sin.  I realized Christ had taken my place on Calvary's cross so that I could have eternal life, have victory over sin and have a new life in Christ!  That day I bowed my head and agreed with God that there was nothing good in me and I accepted His Son Jesus Christ.  I turned from my sin and took the free gift of salvation that can only be found in Him.  It was a great day and I have never been the same!


I have a love for ministry and love serving the Lord with my life.

We can't wait to help 
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